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    Roller Pickling Line

    With our roller picking lines sheets, bars and profiles can be treated with high throughputs.

    The material is transported continuously through the treatment stages which are completely encap-

    sulated, via roller tables.   The respective treatment solution is sprayed all over  onto the material.

    Thereby different solutions can be used in the individual treatment stages according to the require-



    During operation the treatment process can be easily optimized for  every material  grade and type.

    This can be done by altering the treatment time (transportation speed), switching off or rather on a treatment section and/or using different pickling mediums in the particular treatment section. 


    To remove scale from the stainless steel surfaces,  we developed – especially for this type of plant–

    a new  pickling solution  that is based on HCl instead of mixed acid.   As a result the operating costs

    will be reduced significantly,  the treatment quality improved,   the product quality and  throughput 



    The benefits of the new pickling solution:
    — No use of nitrates -- no nitrous oxides in the exhaust, no nitrate in the waste water
    — No use of fluorides -- lower sludge production in the waste water plant
    — Lower chemical costs
    — Shorter pickling times
    — Lower investment cost for new plants
    — Simpler preparation of the spent acid


    The main benefits of the roll picking line are:
    — Low operating costs
    — User-friendly design
    — High surface quality at reduced operating costs and high throughput
    — Optimized investment costs
    — Low manpower requirements
    — High availability
    — Custom-made turn-key systems with integrated regeneration and environmental technologies are available
    — Easy to upgrade in future because of the modular design


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